Mothership Rising

Organize a support circle for a mama in your life

Special Features

Mothership Rising makes it easy to organize and mobilize support when a mama welcomes a new child into her life

Nurturing Circle

Create a support circle for a mama in under a minute

Support Wishlist

Mama fills out a quick survey to let the circle know her specific support needs

Self-Care Registry

Instead of the traditional baby focused registry, this is a place to focus on items for the mama

Encouraging Texts

Daily encouraging texts are sent by the app to the mama to uplift and inspire her

Text Invitations

Add contact to the member list and send easily them an invitation to join the circle

Emotional Support Calendar

Circle members select dates to be the emotional support contact for the mama

Calendar Reminders

The date can be added to the member’s personal calendar plus the friend will receive a reminder text day before the selected support date

Connecting Mama and Friends

On the selected date of support, the mama and friend are connected via text

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Organize a support circle for a mama in your life.
(And that mama can be you!)

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