About us

Mamas, we see how much you give from day 1 when a child enters your life. Even before that, mamas are researching, planning, and preparing. We want mamas to know that they don’t have to do it all alone. We want to make it easy for friends and family to encourage mamas, share their experience and knowledge, and have actionable ways to support them.

Mothership Rising is a safe space to support mamas in all the ways a child comes into a mother’s life: adoption, birth, bonus moms, foster care, step-parent, and surrogacy.

Mothership Rising is an app that provides support and encouragement to mamas by having their friends and family create a nurturing circle and sign up for days to check in on them via text. Like a meal train of emotional support, their community can create a support circle and the app will handle the signing up process. The app sends a text to the mama and the “daily support” friend with a prompt to start the conversation so that the mama can get encouragement and the kind of support she needs from her network.

Mothership Rising is a young app and the team involved is committed to constant improvement.