How it works?

Create a nurturing circle to support a mama you know and love. Mothership Rising is a safe space for friends and family to support mamas when a child comes into a mother’s life. We celebrate and support all the ways a child comes in a mama’s life: adoption, birth, bonus moms, foster care, step-parent, and surrogacy.

How to organize a nurturing circle:

  • Identify a mama who could use support. (That mama could be you!) Create a nurturing circle and choose the dates support is needed.
  • Invite the mama to join the circle and have her fill out the support wish list describing what she needs for self care and support.
  • Invite friends to join the circle and have them select dates on the calendar to be the texting point of contact for the mama.
  • All circles are 100 days, Each day of the circle the mama receives an uplifting text from the Mothership Rising App.
  • Mothership Rising App sends an encouraging text to both the mama and the friend to connect them on the chosen day of support.
  • The friend who has signed up on the calendar sends a follow up text to send the mama support and initiate the conversion.
  • Mama responds as she is able. There is no pressure on the mama to reply.